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Privacy Policy of the planet earth

ThePlanetEarth.Info Privacy Policy – Here’s How it Works

We extend warm greetings to our privacy policy! Your satisfaction is a matter of honor for us. Meanwhile, we understand that protecting the personal or other data you entrust us with is a tough and demanding job. And we do our utmost to accomplish it successfully.

We at theplanetearth.info take pride in attaching huge significance to the safety and fair use of the users’ data collected with their consent through the website.

While we ensure the privacy of your data, we deem it essential to tell you about the nature of your personal information, methods and tools of collection, and the subsequent usage of such information.

If you browse theplanetearth.info, use it, or benefit from it in any way, it will be understood that you fully and unconditionally agree to the terms and conditions of our privacy policy in true spirit.

Below are the main parts/points of The Planet Earth Privacy Policy.

Part 1: 10 Key Points about the Collection and Usage of Information

Privacy policy

On the first place, when you land on theplanetearth.info and read authentic and research-based articles, blog posts, or other utilitarian information, the site collects different types of information.

The data, such as your gadget’s or PC’s IP (internet protocol), OS, browser, etc. is collected automatically using cookies and various other tools/technologies. To get detailed information about ‘What are cookies?”, just click here.

privacy policy

The second noteworthy thing is that, while commenting on a post related to or published on The Planet Earth platform, on any other topic, you will be required to provide information like your name, email, and website, etc.

privacy policy of the planet Earth

The third important thing about the collection and usage of information is that, while making a purchase from our product store (if this facility is available), you might be asked to provide your personal information like your name, address, email ID, and other details.

the planet Earth

Fourthly, the website (theplanetearth.info) uses the browser or internet cookies to gather and save data about users’ preferences. Such users’ information might be used for the further enhancement of the overall experience of the website users/visitors.

privacy policy

On the fifth place, theplanetearth.info may also use web beacons and other tools, techniques, and technologies in combination with cookies to get an insight into and monitor users’ behavior.

The planet Earth

Sixthly, the site may use log files to access information like IP address, name of the browser, ISP (Internet Service Provider), count of clicks/taps, and so on.


To learn in detail about Google’s use of cookies in advertising, you can follow this link.

Privacy policy of the planet earth

The seventh major point is that our advertising partners like Amazon Associates and AdSense (Google) employ various modes, methodologies, tools, and technologies – including but not limited to web beacons, JavaScript, and cookies – to collect users’ information for the sake of the personalization and advertisement of content.

In case any of our services involves making a financial transaction through a third party (like a payment gateway), you are hereby advised to learn about their privacy policy.

Privacy policy

Eighthly, once you leave our website or you get redirected to a third-party application or website, our Privacy Policy and the terms of service will no longer be governing you.

The planet Earth

On the ninth place, you need to note that we use Google’s Analytics, Search Console, and other services to analyze our website’s performance. Google Analytics, Search Console, and other services/technologies use different tools like cookies to collect data that is used to create reports about the use of the website.

Just click here to learn about Google’s privacy policy.

privacy policy

Finally, after obtaining your permission, we may send you emails about promotions and updates as a part of our email marketing or any other strategy (if applicable).

Part 2: Getting Users’ Consent:

When you browse the site for any sort of info, subscribe for a service, or use/benefit from the platform (theplanetearth.info) in any way, we imply that you are consenting to our gathering and utilizing your data as per the fair usage policy.

When we ask you to give your data for a secondary cause – say marketing – we’ll give you the option to express consent or just say ‘no’.

Part 3: Withdrawing Consent:

If you change your mind after opting in and want to withdraw your consent/permission granted to us for collecting your information, you may do so by contacting us through the “Contact Us” page.

Part 4: Disclosure of Users’ Information

If required by law or if users violate our terms of service, we may disclose their personal information.

Part 5: Links to Other Sites:

On clicking links on this website, users may be directed to a page on another website. Since we have no control over the privacy practices of other websites, businesses, blogs, and organizations, we encourage the users to go through the privacy policy statements of those websites.

Part 6: Protecting Users’ Data Against Misuse:

We follow industry best practices and take reasonable precautionary measures to safeguard users’ personal information against loss, illegal access, disclosure, modification, etc.

For this end, we have also installed the secure socket layer technology (SSL) on our website.

Part 7: Age of the Website (Theplanetearth.info) Users:

This website is only intended to be used by individuals who have reached the legal age of maturity as per the laws of their respective country, state, region, province, or territory of residence.

And if any of your minor dependents access and use this website, we imply/assume that you have granted us your consent to permit any of your minor dependents to access content on this website.

Part 8: Future Changes to Our Privacy Policy:

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time in the future without giving you any prior notice. Such changes and modifications will immediately take effect as they are published on the website.

So, you are requested to keep frequently reviewing our privacy policy page.

Moreover, if this website is acquired by or merged with any other company, your information may be transferred to the new owners of the website/business/blog/organization for use under the fair usage policy and as per law.

Important Note:

While theplanetearth.info has no control over the use of cookies by third-party advertisers or any other service providers, you are hereby advised to go through the privacy policies of our advertising partners and other services providers. There you may learn how to opt out of certain practices.

Nevertheless, your browser may also give you the facility to disable cookies that theplanetearth.info or other sites use.

To learn more about our privacy policy, you can reach us through our “Contact Us” page.

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